Season 2 is now live

Learn from the people using data to see things nobody else can.
This is a show for leaders in data and technology. Join us to hear cutting-edge insights about data-driven decision making and creating a data culture.
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Season 2 is now live

Learn from the people who use data to see things nobody else can.
This is a show for leaders in data and technology. Join us to hear cutting-edge insights about data-driven decision making and creating a data culture.
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Season 2 is now live

Learn from the people who use data to see things nobody else can.
This is a show for leaders in data and technology. Join us to hear cutting-edge insights about data-driven decision making and creating a data culture.
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The AI Echo of Saul Alinsky's Legacy

Saul GP Talinsky, Organizer, Writer, and Public Speaker

Season 2 Episode 27

In this unique episode, we introduce "Saul GP Talinsky," an AI iteration of Saul Alinsky, the pioneering force behind community organizing and the influential author of Rules for Radicals. The dialogue bridges the past and present, highlighting how modern data analytics culture echos Alinsky's ethos of empowerment and societal change. Through the lens of data, Alinsky's AI counterpart illustrates the transformative potential in both grassroots activism and corporate realms, advocating for a future where data-driven insights fuel innovation, challenge traditional paradigms and foster more just and equitable decision-making.
Saul GP Talinsky Saul GP Talinsky

Vector Databases 101

Edo Liberty, CEO and founder of Pinecone

Season 2 Episode 26

Vector Databases 101. Edo Liberty, CEO and founder of Pinecone, introduces the impact of vector databases on AI, likening them to Esperanto for algorithms—a universally understandable language that transforms intricate data into an easily interpretable format for AI systems. Unlike traditional databases' clunky, one-size-fits-all approach, they make AI smarter, faster, and infinitely more useful. As the fabric of AI's cognitive processes, vector databases are the hidden engine behind the Generative AI revolution.
Edo Liberty Edo Liberty

Meshy Data Orgs: Data Teams in a Product-Thinking World

Sanjeevan Bala, Group Chief Data and AI Officer at ITV

Season 2 Episode 25

Meshy Data Orgs: Data Teams in a Product-Thinking World. Sanjeevan Bala, ITV's Chief Data & AI Officer and DataIQ’s most influential person in data, embraces the ubiquity of data in the enterprise by embedding domain-specific data ‘squads’ within business units to localize decision-making. He discusses how, unlike monolithic data teams, meshy data organizations are the best way to align data initiatives with business value.
Sanjeevan Bala Sanjeevan Bala

The Impact of Analytics in a Zero-Sum Game

Ari Kaplan, Head of Evangelism, Databricks

Season 2 Episode 24

What does baseball have to do with data? Ari Kaplan, head of evangelism at Databricks, was instrumental in bringing a data-driven approach to a previously gut-driven sport and inspiring the Moneyball book and movie. Ari explains how businesses can learn from sports analytics, why a data culture is so critical to success, and how AI and generative AI are, literally, changing the game.
Ari Kaplan Ari Kaplan

Beyond Frictionless Living

Nate Anderson, Deputy Editor, Ars Technica

Season 2 Episode 23

In a world of Neflix queues and doom-scrolling, Ars Technica’s Nate Anderson consults an unlikely source: Friedrich Nietzsche. The author of In Emergency, Break Glass: What Nietzsche Can Teach Us about Joyful Living in a Tech-Saturated World prescribes an “information diet” and adapts the German philosopher’s passionate quest for meaning into a world overwhelmed by “content.”
Nate Anderson Nate Anderson

AI Supply & Demand

Guy Scriven, U.S. Technology Editor, The Economist

Season 2 Episode 22

Guy Scriven, U.S. Technology Editor at The Economist, offers insights into the evolving landscape of AI adoption and implementation. He explains the cautious optimism surrounding AI applications — emphasizing the need for robust data governance — and shares his perspective on AI’s opportunities, challenges, and future trends.
Guy Scriven Guy Scriven

Hard Filters and Nuanced Intuition

Scott Hartley, Author of The Fuzzy and the Techie

Season 2 Episode 21

Having led nearly 500 investments in over 300 tech companies, Scott Hartley sheds light on the ingredients for startup success. The author of "The Fuzzy and the Techie" underscores the significance of "fuzzy" skills from a liberal arts education in shaping a successful organization.
Scott Hartley Scott Hartley

The Precision Prescription

Maddy Want, Author of Precisely

Season 2 Episode 20

Want to increase your odds of successfully ramping up a data team at your organization? With advice from Maddy Want, VP of data at Fanatics Betting & Gaming and co-author of Precisely, it’s a sure bet. Maddy explains how turning data into a valuable asset requires anticipating challenges in scaling as well as preserving team and company culture as the pace of growth accelerates.
Maddy Want Maddy Want

Everything You Wanted to Know about LLMs, but Were Too Afraid to Ask

Matthew Lynley, Founding Writer of Supervised

Season 2 Episode 19

Tech journalist Matthew Lynley unravels the intricate landscape of large language models (LLMs), including their applications and challenges, as well as the race for dominance in the AI space. The founding writer of the AI newsletter Supervised, Matthew shares his views on the trends, rivalries, and future trajectories shaping the GenAI landscape.
Matthew Lynley Matthew Lynley

Measuring the (Data) Culture of Medicine

Dr. Anupam B. (Bapu) Jena, Co-author of Random Acts of Medicine

Season 2 Episode 18

At the intersection of medicine, data, and innovation you’ll find economist, physician, and author Anupam (Bapu) Jena. This discussion spans the potential of AI in medicine, the nuances of measuring healthcare quality, and the challenges of influencing positive change. The exploration of the evolving healthcare landscape predicts the future of medicine and outlines data’s transformative role in patient care.
Dr. Anupam B. (Bapu) Jena Dr. Anupam B. (Bapu) Jena

Mastering Your Own Destiny

Andy Palmer & Mike Stonebraker, Co-founders of Tamr

Season 2 Episode 17

Everyone’s talking about GenAI, but there's so much we still don't understand. Tamr co-founders Mike Stonebraker and Andy Palmer break down its impact and limitations in the realm of data integration. They also discuss deep learning vs. traditional machine learning, the rise of data products, and the collaborative spirit that fuels their pioneering work.
Andy Palmer & Mike Stonebraker Andy Palmer & Mike Stonebraker

The Human Side of Data Leadership

Stan McChrystal, Bernard Liautaud, Jennifer Belissent, Mike Capone & more, Data Leadership Experts

Season 2 Episode 16

One of the most recent C-level roles to emerge is the chief data officer (CDO). It’s also the most misunderstood. This episode compiles advice on data leadership success from our first two seasons — featuring retired General Stanley McChrystal, Snowflake principal data strategist Jennifer Belissent, BusinessObjects founder Bernard Liautaud, and more!
Stan McChrystal, Bernard Liautaud, Jennifer Belissent, Mike Capone & more Stan McChrystal, Bernard Liautaud, Jennifer Belissent, Mike Capone & more

Competing Apart, Sharing Together

Michael James, SVP, Head of Data Strategy and Analytics at the NBA

Season 2 Episode 15

Sports and stats go together like hoops and nets, but the NBA is concerned with data beyond wins and shooting percentages. Mike James, who leads the league’s D&A strategy, explains how the value of data has grown from a CRM ingredient to a vital element for the NBA’s global expansion and popularity.
Michael James Michael James

Frameworks and the Art of Simplification

Dave Kellogg, Advisor, Consultant, Thought Leader

Season 2 Episode 14

If you know technology marketing, you know Dave Kellogg. The Kellblog author is an expert in tech marketing, sales, and how to evolve with your industry. Yet with all he’s learned, his advice for data leaders boils down to “Keep it simple.” In this chat, Dave offers his insights to simplify, from building frameworks to identifying your “crux challenges.”
Dave Kellogg Dave Kellogg

Perfect is The Enemy of The Good

Ameen Kazerouni, CTO of Orangetheory Fitness

Season 2 Episode 13

The heartbeat is human history’s earliest data tool, and measuring the progress of over 1 million Orangetheory Fitness customers begins with tracking heart rate data. In this episode, Ameen Kazerouni, the company’s CTO, explains how taking small steps can initiate a resilient journey — for both fitness and data transformation.
Ameen Kazerouni Ameen Kazerouni

Don't Say “Data Literacy”

Wendy Batchelder, CDO and Data Governance Leader, Salesforce

Season 2 Episode 12

With an approach that combines show-and-tell with “So what?,” Wendy Batchelder drives success as the CDO of Salesforce with her experience and empathy. In this episode, Wendy shares her passion for data and equity, why some data trends are merely fads, and how starting with a data culture ends with data literacy.
Wendy Batchelder Wendy Batchelder

Asking the Right Questions

Frank Farrall, Strategy & Analytics Ecosystems and Alliances Leader, Deloitte

Season 2 Episode 11

Generative AI is so new — and there are so many ways to leverage it and misuse it — that it can feel like you’ll need a separate AI to figure it all out. Fortunately, Frank Farrall, who leads data and AI alliances at Deloitte, is here to tell you about the decisions, variables, and risks that companies need to consider before they invest in AI.
Frank Farrall Frank Farrall

Building the Company You Wish You Could Buy From

Mike Capone, CEO of Qlik

Season 2 Episode 10

Few data leaders transition from CIO to CEO, but Qlik CEO Mike Capone forged his own path by leveraging his mentor network, stepping out of his comfort zone, and maintaining focus on the needs of the customer. In this conversation, Mike shares his journey and mission to apply the power of data and analytics to transform businesses and entire industries.
Mike Capone Mike Capone

Start with Story, End with Data

Ashish Thusoo, Founder of Qubole and Creator of Apache Hive

Season 2 Episode 9

Ashish Thusoo has been on the leading edge of a data culture, whether it’s as a founder of a data lake startup, developing the Hive data warehouse at Facebook, or in his role as GM of AI/AML at Amazon Web Services. This discussion traces the evolution of data innovation, from big data to data science to generative AI.
Ashish Thusoo Ashish Thusoo

The Bazaar in the Cathedral

Matei Zaharia, Co-founder and CTO of Databricks

Season 2 Episode 8

How can a software engineer create the next big thing? According to Matei Zaharia, creator of Apache Spark and co-founder of Databricks, it demands a single architect to build the cathedral – and an open bazaar to empower the masses. In this conversation, Matei shares his startup philosophy and reveals exciting advancements with Databricks Unity Catalog and Dolly 2.0, an LLM for enterprise.
Matei Zaharia Matei Zaharia

From the Outskirts to the Center

Jitendra Putcha, EVP & Global Head of Data Analytics and AI, LTIMindtree

Season 2 Episode 7

As EVP and global head of data analytics and AI at LTIMindtree, one of India’s Super Six tech giants, Jitendra Putcha serves today’s clients and mentors tomorrow’s tech leaders with his past experience as well as a seer’s eye on the future. In this conversation, Putcha shares his insights on cloud computing, and AI, or the evolution of the Indian workforce.
Jitendra Putcha Jitendra Putcha

Get Out of the Building!

Tricia Wang, Co-founder, Sudden Compass

Season 2 Episode 6

To fully understand quantitative "big" data, you need qualitative "thick" data that reveals human emotions, stories, and world views. Tricia Wang, thick data expert, helps organizations decipher the qualitative, human meanings lurking in quantitative data to fuel meaningful innovation.
Tricia Wang Tricia Wang

The Scientific Integrity Crisis

Dr. Elisabeth Bik, Microbiologist, science integrity consultant

Season 2 Episode 5

Seeing is believing — or is it? Today, Photoshop and AI make it easy to falsify images that can find their way into scientific research. Science integrity consultant Dr. Elisabeth Bik, an expert at spotting fishy images, addresses the murky world of research, the impact of “publish or perish”, and how to restore trust in science through reproducibility.
Dr. Elisabeth Bik Dr. Elisabeth Bik

Data Governance: Any “Dummy” Can Do It!

Dr. Jonathan Reichental, Author and Founder, Human Future

Season 2 Episode 4

Data governance is the smart thing to do — but you don’t have to be a Data Einstein to do it. Data Governance for Dummies author Jonathan Reichental, PhD, breaks down a seemingly intimidating subject to illustrate how governance boils down to managing data well, and explains how good governance leads to innovation and growth.
Dr. Jonathan Reichental Dr. Jonathan Reichental

Humanizing AI: Authentic Storytelling

Jepson (Ben) Taylor, Chief AI Strategist, Dataiku

Season 2 Episode 3

“Vulnerability” is not a word you hear often in tech, but it forms the foundation of success for AI expert Jepson (Ben) Taylor, Dataiku’s chief AI strategist. In this conversation, Jepson reveals the passions — and struggles — of launching (and working for) a startup, how to embrace “failing fast,” and the role of human connection even in the realm of “artificial” intelligence.
Jepson (Ben) Taylor Jepson (Ben) Taylor

Your RFP is Useless

Paul Leonardi, Duca Family Professor of Technology Management, UCSB

Season 2 Episode 2

How do you find the right technology for your business? You embrace the 80% rule, which dictates that just 1 of 5 people will use your new tech tool for its stated purpose. In this interview, Paul Leonardi, digital transformation expert, reveals how leaders can pick the best tech for their teams while promoting a digital mindset.
Paul Leonardi Paul Leonardi

Premature Enumeration

Tim Harford, Host of Cautionary Tales and Author of The Undercover Economist

Season 2 Episode 1

According to Malcolm Gladwell, the “undercover economist” Tim Harford is a “genius at telling stories that illuminate our world.” In this episode, Tim discusses how “undercover” refers not to anonymity but rather his ability to surface data insights that entertain, enlighten, and even save lives.
Tim Harford Tim Harford

Data Governance 101: All You Need to Know (But Were Afraid to Ask)

Bob Seiner, Jennifer Belissent, Paola Saibene, Michelle Hoiseth, Francesco Marzoni & Wendy Turner-Williams, Data Governance Experts

Season 1 Episode 28

How do you make your data governance program successful? Learn top tips in this supercut episode, which compiles the best governance advice from season 1. Featuring Bob Seiner of KIK Consulting, Jennifer Belissent, Principal Data Strategist at Snowflake, Francesco Marzoni, CDO of Inkga Group, and more!
Bob Seiner, Jennifer Belissent, Paola Saibene, Michelle Hoiseth, Francesco Marzoni & Wendy Turner-Williams Bob Seiner, Jennifer Belissent, Paola Saibene, Michelle Hoiseth, Francesco Marzoni & Wendy Turner-Williams

How Extreme Focus Launched the Modern Data Stack

George Fraser and Taylor Brown, Co-founders, Fivetran

Season 1 Episode 27

Success comes from following the insights of your data — especially when you’re trying to launch a data company. Fivetran co-founders George Fraser and Taylor Brown discuss how the ability to pivot on the fly was just as important as their solution’s secret sauce to the success of their startup.
George Fraser and Taylor Brown George Fraser and Taylor Brown

DataOps & The Data Catalog

Michele Goetz, VP, Principal Analyst, Forrester

Season 1 Episode 26

What’s the deal with DataOps? Guest speaker and Forrester Research analyst Michele Goetz says it comes down to democratizing data and enabling self-service. In this interview, learn how DataOps can support collaboration and coordination between the business and IT – and what the future has in store.
Michele Goetz Michele Goetz

Turning Data Librarians Into Supercomputers

Deb Seys, Senior Director of Learning & Communities, Alation

Season 1 Episode 25

During the eras of papyrus, parchment, and paper — as well as our current "paperless" age — librarians have been among the gatekeepers of information. In this episode, Alation's senior director of learning and communities, Deb Seys, brings a librarian's perspective to how data (and cataloging it) can tell stories and deliver unbiased metrics.
Deb Seys Deb Seys

From Data Strategy to Execution

Steve Pimblett, CDO, The Very Group

Season 1 Episode 24

The chief data officer’s title should be “chief data value officer.” After all, it’s the outcomes from data insights that determine success in the eyes of the C-suite. In this episode, CDO Steve Pimblett of The Very Group describes the four pillars of extracting value from data and shares how he’s built a successful B2C data team.
Steve Pimblett Steve Pimblett

Multiple Sources of Truth:
Decentralization and the Data Mesh

Zhamak Dehghani, Creator of the Data Mesh

Season 1 Episode 23

Centralizing data was supposed to produce a single source of truth. Why did it fail? Zhamak Dehghani shares why she created the data mesh, and reveals how this socio-technical approach Decentralizes data ownership to address growing complexity at large organizations.
Zhamak Dehghani Zhamak Dehghani

Truth, Data, and FAIRness

Francesco Marzoni, Chief Data and Analytics Officer, Ingka Group

Season 1 Episode 22

Want your data to be a competitive asset? Make it FAIR — findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable — and you’ll reduce the silos and improve efficiency. Francesco Marzoni explains how to apply the data management principles of FAIR at your organization to empower more people to derive the most value from your data.
Francesco Marzoni Francesco Marzoni

Using Data to Fight for Human Rights

Tarak Shah, Data Scientist, HRDAG

Season 1 Episode 21

How can data experts hold the guilty accountable? Tarak Shah is a data scientist working at the intersection of social justice and data analysis. Learn how his work has helped to convict a dictator of war crimes and corrupt police of brutality.
Tarak Shah Tarak Shah

The Data Behind Dating

Seth Stephens-Davidowitz, Author of Don’t Trust Your Gut

Season 1 Episode 20

Forget surveys — study Google searches! Bestselling author Seth Stephens-Davidowitz leverages the accuracy of Google Trends to maintain an unbiased, data-driven mindset — and offers ways to unearth honest insights to power your business decisions.
Seth Stephens-Davidowitz Seth Stephens-Davidowitz

The Beginning of Business Intelligence

Bernard Liautaud, Founder, Business Objects & Managing Partner, Balderton Capital

Season 1 Episode 19

In the world of business intelligence, there are few businesses like BusinessObjects. Founder Bernard Liautaud discusses how startup success was fueled by more than just a great product — it took a culture (both data culture and workplace culture) and leadership by example.
Bernard Liautaud Bernard Liautaud

Knowledge Graphs 101

Kendall Clark, Founder & CEO, Stardog

Season 1 Episode 18

Enterprise Knowledge Graphs are having a moment. Learn how Kendall Clark’s unconventional path from philosophy PhD to data scientist prepared him to found Stardog, which creates a semantic layer for your data fabric and today counts NASA as a customer.
Kendall Clark Kendall Clark

Radical Data Politics

Wendy Turner-Williams, CDO at Tableau

Season 1 Episode 17

How do you change culture? First, speak softly and carry great data. Second, master tips from Tableau’s CDO on how to be a data changemaker and people influencer, with a steady eye to your org chart.
Wendy Turner-Williams Wendy Turner-Williams

Data is a Weapon

Stan McChrystal, Retired US Army General

Season 1 Episode 16

Think changing the data culture at your organization is hard? Try doing it in the U.S. military. Stan McChrystal shares his experiences on improving how data is gathered, shared, and leveraged —drawing on his time as a four-star general leading U.S. forces in Afghanistan.
Stan McChrystal Stan McChrystal

The Data on the Chief of Data

Randy Bean, Founder & CEO, NewVantage Partners

Season 1 Episode 15

The “D” in “CDO” stands for “data.” But it could also stand for the dexterity needed to get boots-on-the-ground buy-in across the organization. NewVantage Partners founder and CEO Randy Bean shares his insights on how to set up the modern CDO for success.
Randy Bean Randy Bean

The Death and Rebirth of Data Privacy

Michelle Finneran Dennedy, #1 CPO and CEO of PrivacyCode

Season 1 Episode 14

To a data scientist, data privacy is anathema. Yet to the next generation, it’s a foundational right. How can we adapt? Michelle Finneran Dennedy was one of the first to bring privacy to the C-suite, and in this talk she shares how the role has evolved with advice to future CPOs.
Michelle Finneran Dennedy Michelle Finneran Dennedy

Data Quality Is a Risky Business

Kyle Kirwan, Co-Founder and CEO of BigEye

Season 1 Episode 13

Growth in any industry usually requires innovation. But when you challenge the status quo, you encounter different levels of risk. Bigeye CEO and former Uber data scientist Kyle Kirwan details his experiences on finding the balance between innovation and risk.
Kyle Kirwan Kyle Kirwan

The Science Behind Quitting

Christie Aschwanden, Former Lead Science Writer at FiveThirtyEight

Season 1 Episode 12

Christie Aschwanden is an award-winning science writer, who was the first to report on key issues in reproducibility in sports science. In this episode, Satyen and Christie discuss the problems in science today (and how we can fix them!).
Christie Aschwanden Christie Aschwanden

Your Path to CDO Superstardom

Peter Jackson, Co-Founder & Director, Carruthers and Jackson

Season 1 Episode 11

Fools rush into the wrong CDO role. How can future CDOs flip the script, and identify opportunities to which they’re well matched? Peter Jackson, seasoned CDO, shares tips on how to pick the right company and role to launch your CDO career.
Peter Jackson Peter Jackson

Super Chickens & the Productivity Pecking Order

Dr. Margaret Heffernan, 5-time CEO and Author of Willful Blindness

Season 1 Episode 10

Facts don’t always speak for themselves — and the truth won’t always set us free. In this episode, Satyen and Margaret discuss whistleblowers, how to convince people of tough truths with data, and why a team of “super chickens” can undermine productivity.
Dr. Margaret Heffernan Dr. Margaret Heffernan

Attacking Data Literacy

Cindy Howson, Chief Data Strategy Officer at ThoughtSpot

Season 1 Episode 9

Cindi Howson is an expert in business intelligence with more than 20 years experience. In this episode, Cindi and Satyen discuss the value of data literacy, the evolution of Business Intelligence, and how enterprises can undertake their own data transformation.
Cindy Howson Cindy Howson

Your Guide to Corporate Controversies

Amir Efrati, Co-Founder and Executive Editor, The Information

Season 1 Episode 8

In this episode, Amir discusses the Facebook Papers, controversies around self-driving cars, and the relationship between data-driven decisions and transparency. This one isn’t for the faint of heart, and you won’t want to miss it.
Amir Efrati Amir Efrati

Making Big Data an Asset in Medicine

Michelle Hoiseth, CDO, Parexel

Season 1 Episode 7

Michelle Hoiseth is the Chief Data Officer at Parexel, a $2.5B global provider of biopharmaceutical services. In this episode, Michelle uncovers the top data problems in the pharmaceturical industry, and shares her advice for promoting a data culture at scale.
Michelle Hoiseth Michelle Hoiseth

How to be a Data Cheerleader

Caroline Carruthers, Co-Author of The Chief Data Officer’s Playbook

Season 1 Episode 6

Caroline Carruthers, author of The Chief Data Officer’s Playbook, is a seasoned CDO and data cheerleader. In this episode, learn her tips for seizing success as a CDO, and how to promote data literacy at a large organization.
Caroline Carruthers Caroline Carruthers

The Reign of Specialists is Over

David Epstein, Bestselling Author of Range

Season 1 Episode 5

This episode features David Epstein, #1 New York Times bestseller of the books Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World and The Sports Gene. In this episode, David and Satyen discuss the value of a generalized education, the explore/exploit tradeoff, and why managers should encourage exploration in their organizations.
David Epstein David Epstein

Emerging from the Data Dark Ages

Jennifer Belissent, Principal Data Strategist at Snowflake

Season 1 Episode 4

This episode features Jennifer Belissent, expert data strategist and former research analyst at Forrester. Jennifer is a leading voice on data literacy, data management, and data strategy. In this episode, Satyen and Jennifer discuss the value of data literacy, the three pillars of data governance, and how CDOs can build a data culture.
Jennifer Belissent Jennifer Belissent

Forging a Culture of Data Governance

Bob Seiner, President & Principal, KIK Consulting

Season 1 Episode 3

This episode features Bob Seiner, data governance expert and author of Non-Invasive Data Governance: The Path of Least Resistance and Greatest Success. In this episode, Bob and Satyen discuss how to communicate about data, how to improve data governance at your company, and how to integrate these lessons to create a data culture.
Bob Seiner Bob Seiner

The Secret to Data Storytelling

Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic, Founder & CEO, Storytelling with Data

Season 1 Episode 2

This episode features Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic, founder & CEO of Storytelling with Data, and author of two best-selling books, “Storytelling with Data: Let’s Practice! and Storytelling with Data: A Data Visualization Guide for Business Professionals,” which have helped tens of thousands of students tell powerful data stories.
Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic

Data Governance: It’s the Final Frontier

Paola Saibene, Principal at Teknion Data Solutions

Season 1 Episode 1

This episode features Paola Saibene, principal at Teknion Data Solutions and former CTO of the State of Hawaii. Paola is a seasoned data executive, having served as a CIO, CSO and Global Privacy Officer and VP at multi-billion dollar organizations around the world.
Paola Saibene Paola Saibene

Hear stories from experts at companies like

Hear stories from experts at companies like

About The Data Radicals Podcast

Some people can see things that nobody else can. They seem to be able to peer around corners and into the future. These seemingly supernatural powers come from being able to synthesize the data all around us. They approach problems with a curious and rational mind. They think differently and encourage others to embrace data culture.

We call them “data radicals” because they transform themselves and the world around them.

In this podcast, we talk to these data radicals to understand what makes their approach so unique, and how it can be replicated.

Satyen Sangani, founder and CEO of Alation
About the host:

Satyen Sangani
Co-founder & CEO of Alation


Who wants to empower a curious and rational world? Satyen does. He’s the founder and CEO of Alation, on a mission to fundamentally improve the way data consumers, creators, and stewards find, understand, and trust data.

Satyen Sangani, founder and CEO of Alation
About the host:

Satyen Sangani
Founder & CEO of Alation

Who wants to empower a curious and rational world? Satyen does. He’s the founder and CEO of Alation, on a mission to fundamentally improve the way data consumers, creators, and stewards find, understand, and trust data.

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